Corrupt Rehab Owner

Moms Unleash Anger on Corrupt Rehab Owner Sentenced to 27 Years

by Lisa Riordan Seville /  / Updated 

One by one, the five mothers confronted the man they hold responsible for the death of their children, young people recruited by a corrupt rehab program in South Florida who never got the help they needed and eventually overdosed.

The object of their anger, Kenneth Chatman — the architect of a multi million-dollar scheme that turned desperate addicts into money machines and forced women into prostitution — showed little emotion as he listened to their stories and waited to hear how much time he will spend in prison.

“You destroyed my life,” Tina Pekar, whose son Ryan overdosed in one of Chatman’s two “sober homes” in 2014, said in federal court on Wednesday.

Sandy Hinkle’s 23-year-old daughter, Kaitlyn Cruea, died of an overdose in February 2016. She had never been on a plane before but flew from Ohio to West Palm Beach to deliver a message to the judge who would decide Chatman’s fate.

“I can’t express the hurt he has caused,” she said. “Please give him the maximum sentence.” (Read More)